1/2" JNW Premium Jetter Hose

  • $ 1,075.00

1/2-inch (.50”I.D.) JETTER HOSE – JNW 5500-PSI PREMIUM-GREEN (more info below)


Our premium 1/2” Jetter Hose is very slim & flexible at only .81” Outside Diameter due to its Aramid-fiber reinforcement, which also provides a 5500-PSI rating (16,000psi burst). The tough & slick jacketing is never tacky – even when new. 1/2"NPT Male-Threaded Ends; reversible


1/2" Jetter Hose is recommended for use in 4"-16" lines with jetters from 12GPM to 20GPM, including the following Jetters Northwest models:

  • Eagle-300  18-GPM (‘4018’) & 20-GPM (‘4020’) Trailer Jetters, & most Eagle-600 (EXCEPT for ‘3023’ models with 5/8” Hose)
  • Eagle-200  12-GPM (‘3012’) Trailer Jetters
  • 12-GPM Brute  SKID-3012 and Portable CART-3012 Jetters
  • Not recommended for jetters under 10-GPM; see our 3/8” Jetter Hose

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