1/4" Jetter Hose  (Red Piranha®)

1/4" Jetter Hose (Red Piranha®)

  • $ 129.00

1/4-inch (.25”I.D.) JETTER HOSE – 5000-PSI RED Piranha® 


This premium 1/4" Jetter Hose has a thicker, red-colored jacket for toughness while still very flexible, with a 5000-PSI rating (12,500psi burst) and 1/4"NPT male-threaded ends; this hose is perfect for 2-4" lines.

 1/4" Jetter Hose is recommended for use as a “Mini-Hose” accessory for jetting smaller pipes with higher-GPM jetters, and for smaller jetters from 2.5-GPM to 4-GPM.

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