1/8" Mini-Jetter Hose (Green Piranha®)

1/8" Mini-Jetter Hose (Green Piranha®)

  • $ 99.00

1/8-inch (.13”I.D.) MINI-JETTER HOSE – Green Piranha® (more info below)


This 1/8" Jetter Hose has a tough Green-colored jacket and is very flexible, with a 4000-PSI rating (10,000psi burst). 1/8"NPT Male-Threaded Ends


1/8" Jetter Hose is recommended for use with low-flow Electric-Powered Mini-Jetters preferably 1.5-GPM and lower. Pressure-drop through 1/8” Hose is very significant so we don’t recommended it for use with higher-GPM jetters; see our 3/16” Mini-hoses with 50% larger Inside-Diameter to allow much more GPM to the Nozzle


Part Number  Hose-End Size Hose Length GPM PSI Line Size


1/8" NPT X 1/4" NPT 50' 1-2 GPM 4000 1 1/2"-3"

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