3/16" Stainless Steel Ultra-Flex  Mini/Trap Hose

3/16" Stainless Steel Ultra-Flex Mini/Trap Hose

  • $ 195.00


Great for use with Mini-Jetters AND as a “Mini-Hose” for larger jetters, the STAINLESS STEEL Ultra-Flex MINI/TRAP HOSE is excellent for navigating elbows & traps in 1½"-3" pipes.  With a 3/16" I.D this hose is 50% larger Inside-Diameter than 1/8" jetting hose to allow more water-flow & less PSI-drop while jetting.  Unlike common 1/8" jetting hose, the Stainless Steel Ultra-Flex Hose has a Braided Stainless Steel Jacketing for excellent push-ability and outstanding product longevity.  Pair with our 1/8" Stainless Steel “KnuckleHead” Nozzle and you'll be through P-Traps in a fraction of the time; this hose is a must-have tool for your jetting arsenal.  Has 1/8"NPT threads on one end for your 1/8" jetting nozzles, and 1/4"NPT threads on the other end.


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