1/2" Grease Hog Nozzle

1/2" Grease Hog Nozzle

  • $ 579.95

JNW-Grease Hog Nozzle

The JNW-Grease Hog is a very effective high-efficiency alternative to both standard free rotating spinners and controlled rotation spinners. 4 rotating jets provide superior results in grease and sludge and 3 rear jets provide better thrust than most standard spinner heads. The rotation of the tool is slowed slightly compared to other spinners by the angle of the rotating jets giving each jet more impact on the pipe surface.

The 1/2 inch version is also available in a forward facing pattern.


Part Number  Nozzle Size GPM PSI Line Size
JN.1/2-GREASE 1/2" NPT 10-18 GPM up to 7250 PSI 2"-12"

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