The Reaper Rotating Jetting Nozzle 3/8"

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SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – The phenomenal REAPER™ Rotating Jetting Nozzles are engineered for maximum forward-cutting action to attack blockages – and for effective debris “pushing” capability. The Reaper's front-jet is a sharp & straight water stream rotating at an optimal speed as a broad “cone” for 360-degree pipe-coverage.
DURABLE & RELIABLE – REAPER™ Nozzles are built to last with reliable Tungsten Carbide “Internal-Rotating” Nozzle Parts for longer life than cheaper Ceramic types. The Reaper's body is tough stainless steel to withstand harsh sewer/drain environments.
EFFICIENT – The Reaper’s rotating forward-jet provides maximum water-jet intensity, allowing you to clear blockages faster, plus its Rear-Jets have a 20-degree thrust-angle to maximize hose-pulling power and provide flushing action under pressure..
SERVICEABLE – Repair-Kits are available for extended life and are easy to field-install, lowering overall operating costs.
Reaper™ nozzles are available in several different GPM flow-rates and Hose-Connection sizes:
(see the drop-down menu above for available GPM/PSI combinations)
1/4" NPT inlet: flow-range from 4-GPM up to 8-GPM (ideal for 2”-4" pipes, max. 5000psi)
3/8" NPT inlet: flow-range from 5-GPM up to 12-GPM (ideal for 3”-6" pipes, max. 4000psi)
1/2" NPT inlet: flow-range from 12-GPM up to 25-GPM (ideal for 4”-8" pipes, max. 4000psi)

NOTE: For the larger 1-inch and 3/4-inch REAPER Nozzles please call us at 1-877-901-1936, or email


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